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Monday, December 5, 2011 7:56 AM 0 Atashinci(s)

Hello my my my dearest peeps . Hikhik :D . Sempat pulak nyanyi lagu A-PINK (MY MY MY) . Sedap k :P . Hee . Okay , I nak share about my PARENTS ♥ . Hee , dorang ni sporting but at the same time of course lah strict about something yang dorang tak suke kan . Hee dorang ni aku rase sangat sweet . Maybe . Hikhik :P . I guess parents OULLS pon gitu kan . Okay -2 . I love them . Don't you ever take them from me . I know i make alot of mistake . Cakap pon macam hape lagi kan . Hm . I feel so bad lah . You know what a person mesti lah buat mistake kalau tak die bukan human k . HAHA :P . I nak share my photos and their photos waktu kiteorg hangout gy KL . Wee ~ ^_^ 

My lovely parents ♥ . Omell tak ? K cumil . HAHA :P

So this is me . Hm weirdo ever . K tak kesah :)

My My My kakak . Hm so this my only kakak-2 in the world k . :P

Budak kecik ni :P

 K bye :P